Honeybelle Culler, Laguna   –   WARNING!

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Honeybelle Culler Postal ID

Why does this website exist?

Why have we spent time and money designing and hosting this web page?

Honeybelle Culler, date of birth November 16, 1991

Honeybelle Culler knows why.  We warned her that we were going to put up a page about our experiences with her if she did not return the money that she stole from us, but she has decided to keep it.

Honeybelle Culler from San Pablo City, Laguna

THIS IS A WARNING to any future employer who is considering employing Honeybelle Culler from Laguna, Philippines, or anyone who needs to trust her for any reason.

Our advice is: DO NOT trust this woman.  DO NOT employ her.

Honeybelle Culler says she is 'An experienced Yaya'

Honeybelle Culler was born November 16th, 1991 and lives with her mother at D51 Triangulo St., Brgy. 2-A, San Pablo City, Laguna 4000, Philippines.  She presents herself as being an experienced yaya, with her own daughter (born 2009).

Honeybelle is originally from Malibay, Pasay City.

Honeybelle Culler moves from job to job

Instead, she has shown herself to be unreliable, lazy, dishonest – and a thief.

It is interesting to note that her Facebook pages:


...include quotes such as, "Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future" and "Innocent until proven naughty".

Honeybelle Culler cannot be trusted

In fact Honeybelle Culler, while seeking work as a yaya, does not even look after her own daughter.  Her mother is the guardian of her daughter while Honeybelle goes from job to job, either being fired or quitting.


Honeybelle Culler stole money from us

NOTE: This is a true account of our experiences with Honeybelle Culler.  How can the reader be certain of this?  Because the Philippines has strong anti-defamation and anti-libel laws that Ms. Culler is most welcome to test if she so wishes.

We can be contacted at: iz690316@gmail.com if further references are required.

Honeybelle Culler is always looking for work